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In Koktebel, in the beautiful bay, between the one of the oldest volcano in the world Kara-Dag and Cimmerian hills located a beautiful house, which contains many legends of the twentieth century. "House of a Poet," which is open towards all roads, created by Maximilian Voloshin for communication and creativity, "is one of the best Russian and European cultural centers" (Andrey Bely).

In September 2013 marks 100 years since the completion of construction of the "House of a Рoet", which serves as a particular cultural symbol. As a heaven, where inspiration was born Koktebel, attractad many generations of creative people. Innovations and originality in "house of a poet" is always wellcomed.

Since the beginning of the last century the house was the birthplace of modern literary and musical works, not abated debate about ways of developing contemporary art and culture in general, ideas that define the scientific and historical ways were born right here. Home-museum of M.A. Voloshin (1877-1932), who is known as a remarkable poet, artist, translater, critic, a brilliant thinker and visionary was opened in 1984. "House of a Рoet" is a unique museum, which is widely known in international cultural circles. Thanks to a historic and authentic collection the museum is in line with other European museums, who are lucky enough to stay alive, despite the events of the twentieth century.

"House of a Рoet" continues glorious traditions that were born in Koktebel. Scientific conferences, which are called "Voloshin's readings", an annual international symposium "Voloshin's september"- literary contest named after Voloshin, art open air "Koktebel", literary festival named after M.A.Voloshin, awarding an international Voloshin’s prize, science-cultural conference "Cimmerian topos: Myths and Reality" and youth seminars have acquired wide popularity in many countries.

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